Zoom Workshop for kids – Available Now




Build a Mini Puppet Theatre and Shadow Puppet:

Make a mini puppet theatre and shadow puppet from found and recycled materials! Some people make monsters, some people make goblins, some people make cute fluffy cats. It’s up to you to make what ever you want so you can have your own puppet show at home!


Here’s How It Works:

  1. Register your group for our workshop by contacting at hello@puppetsandshadows.com
  2. Everyone in your group will get a PDF of with a full list of all the materials they’ll need participate in the workshop. The PDF will include dimensions, templates, and diagrams to use to cut materials to the right sizes.
    • All the materials we use can be found in recycling bins, backyards, and cupboards- we don’t use anything special that can’t be found around the house.
    • We list several different options for each material to make sure everyone can find what they need.
  3. The workshop works best if participants gather and cut out their materials before the workshop starts.
  4. During the workshop, everyone follows along with Arlene Thomas, Artistic Director of Puppets & Shadows theatre AND Jab the puppet (Pictured above) as they show participants how to turn their materials into a mini puppet theatre and shadow puppet!

For more information or to register your group, contact hello@puppetsandshadows.com